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Chinese Foot Fetish - Black ICE Queen training female footslave! HOT! HOT! HOT!

  1. wtf I' m lost again
  2. she have very nice boots..i lick thousend time her
  3. Who i cant find this video
  4. kiss those sexy feet
  5. Would LOVE to smell both of their socks while they came!
  6. nice xD i love japanese school uniforms *O* *O* *O* *o*
  7. sexy feet nice boots
  8. i want to lick her boots and feets all day she is perfect
  9. delicious
  10. Like the boots 
  11. Ok....1) I want to go to Japan or China or wherever these
    girls are....seems so easy to lick girls feet, 2) what is
    Dailymotion? How do I locate it? Thanx....
  12. nice video
  13. foots muchs pezuña boots of smelly no????
  14. Lose the socks, Please do Barefeet smothering&Trampling next
  15. This would be far better if the slave removed her socks and
    licked and sucked her stinky, yummy bare feet.
  16. Hi Guys, Check it out my new video from Black ICE
    Queen!have fun ^_^
  17. Andy your videos are marvelous! Pls post more
  18. plz mistress order to lick ur prettyfeet, swallow ur
    spit&sneeze,taste ur urine&excreta,plz mistress
  19. Oh this is HOT! Just wish she hadn't removed her socks!
  20. Sorry guys, for some reason it has been uploaded twice!
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!
  21. ew stink!
  22. Can you please reupload the other video?
  23. Where did you find this? I've been looking forever to find
    more of her!
  24. i doubt ur passion for that is as great as mine.. so many
    vids do this. passion? by, that, i mean it makes me want to
    scream and slam my computer repeatedly. AND I DONT EVEN
    LIKE STINKY FEET. in fact, its another factor stressing out
    what little comfort i can find in this world because, when i
    try to explore art on my foot fetish, its all STINK STANK
    STUNK ; ~ ; so, its that, or they SICKENINGLY waste the
    gorgeous gurl.. dont let them LICK her feet.. or they suck
    them BACKWARDS.. -cries- > ~ <
  25. IM WET


7.70 min
User rating: 4.2345014/5
Username: Andy Zhao
Views on youtube: 317617

Downloaded/watched 3/140 times

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Thank you for everyone support, this is her latest video force her female slave to smell her stink feet.




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